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If you’re a fan of Bumbles & Light on Facebook, you may have noticed this week’s ravings about a new little friend we have around these parts. She was born out in the cold on Friday evening and wasn’t moving well. Her brother, older by a few minutes, was already up and walking. We gave her time and she still didn’t get up. After around 40 minutes, by which time she should have been up and walking like her brother, we brought her in and warmed her up with blankets.

In these photos she’s now 3 days old, we’ve been bottle feeding her in the house and you can see she’s doing well despite her rough start. She’s taken an instant liking to Mikey, I’m sure he feels the same way about her and they have been playing together since she has been able to walk. Watching her follow him around, wagging her little tail, is possibly the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. He calls her Lalin, and all around the house you can hear a voice saying “Come on Lalin!” followed by the little clip-clop of tiny hooves.


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    • She’s a Jacob Sheep, an heirloom breed that has spots. Her twin brother has “socks” with his spots which is VERY cute.

  1. Those are all so cute! I really, really love the top on! Thanks for linking up! It’s one of my favorites so far! ­čÖé
    Allie┬┤s last post ..Haley my friend

  2. Holy cow — how CUTE!! I love the first picture and the 4th one. What a sweet bond they have already!

    • I know! I think they’ll both miss one another when she has to go back out to the field with the other sheep.

  3. kim

    I love her tiny lamb pants – she’s all-around adorable!

  4. OMG this is WAY TOO CUTE!!! I got a huge giggle out of the photo with her wearing a diaper. Oh no doubt that these 2 definatly have a bond you can see it in the photo below the diaper one.
    HAve a good one!!!

  5. oh, i love this! the first one is soo precious! i had a bum lamb when i was a kid….memories!! thanks for sharing!
    candace┬┤s last post ..Happy Monday-

  6. Oh my god. He has grown so much and those shots are just amazing. I am so glad that you guys are doing so well over there.

    • Thank you, I hope you are doing well too Sandra… I had a quick browse of your blog and it looks like you’re having fun. I don’t seem to have the time to get through blogs as much as I’d like anymore. Perhaps when life settles down a little!

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  8. What a sweet little lamb, I love all of the spots! Ours were always black or gray; I love their long tails, wobbly legs, and cute little bleats.
    Susan┬┤s last post ..Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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