In the Yard

This is Rocky. He’s a Great Pyrenee and Anatolian Shepherd mix belonging to my in-laws, and he’s about the same height as Mikey but with five times as much energy. He bowled Mikey over in a fit of excitement (possibly involving a ball) and Mikey has been telling him ever since that he should say sorry.

There’s a cardinal that comes to take food from on the back deck. I saw my very first cardinal on that same deck 3 years ago, amazed that he really was that red. He’s been out there a couple of times this past week although he’s so far proven too quick for me to take a photograph or even for Mikey to see, but we’ll get him eventually.

It was a little warmer out on Monday, so we busied ourselves with some yard work. I pulled some dead leaves from flower beds, finding green Spring shoots beneath. Mikey helped daddy and vovó bring in firewood for the furnace.

Mikey and I had haircuts on Monday afternoon, so that big messy mop of dark blonde hair of his that I’ve been so accustomed to running my hands through and you see in the above photos is no more. I’ll be sure to take some photos of our new haircuts soon.

We found various treasures in the yard, including plenty of ladybugs and some old honeycomb that had fallen out from underneath the deck. Mikey didn’t want to touch the honeycomb when I told him it was part of a bee’s house, but was interested enough after he had determined that there were no bees inside. It’s so lovely to have this outside space just a step from the door, after three years of living in an apartment. There was plenty of greenery and outdoor space in our part of Germany, but it just feels a little different to have Mikey playing in his vovó’s back yard for the first time since he was 9 months old.

As much as I adore the city and am looking forward to starting our lives in a new city, Chicago seems to hold so much promise for us at the moment, it’s also sometimes just perfect to be able to look up at the sky at night and see the stars so clearly like we can out here… or even look out over the fields in the early morning, they remind me a little of the fields I grew up playing in and running through in England. We’ve been browsing apartments in the city though, I’m secretly hoping for at least a small balcony where I can have a chair and a few plants, we’ll see when the time comes.

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    • We miss you too! Mikey was literally just taking about you today 🙂

      We’re settling in ok, although still looking forward to having a place of our own in a month or so.

    • Isn’t it?! I was happy when I spotted it laying in with the dead leaves!

      Thank you for the compliment 🙂 and yeah, Mikey can be quite opinionated about when people (and animals I guess!) should apologize, he makes us giggle too 😀

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