And Beginnings

We have arrived safely to the U.S.

After leaving behind Germany as it was beginning to warm up, we arrive at O’Hare to be greeted with snow and a rather bumpy plane landing. Contrary to most of our fears, we managed to get an entire “surprise” international move done in 2 weeks, although it was stressful and at some points we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to make it. Now the real adventure begins, somehow attempting to navigate our way back into civilian life… to find a place to live and to work out how we’re going to properly support ourselves on our now much lower budget.

We’re staying with my husband’s parents at the moment. They’ve kindly signed away their basement room to us for an indefinite amount of time, until we manage to get ourselves up and running again. Since we arrived last Saturday, Mikey has been having fun. He has been able to watch the new lambs, has been able to help feed the chicks in the barn and has been bowled over by the rather large sheepdog.

He’s also been able to play with a lot of his daddy’s old toys, like an ABC computer game and his daddy’s old marble collection. His own toys wont arrive for some time, I think he misses them a little but seems to be able to keep himself busy with all of the new and interesting things around him.

I think that his daddy is glad to be home after such a long time away.

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  1. I’m so glad you’re still posting! Welcome…back!? What an exciting time for all of you! I hope you all find just the right home and just the right work! Hoping the very best for you and can’t wait to be reading the updates.
    Rebekah´s last post ..You Capture – Warmth

  2. Beautiful images- the lamb is adorable! Congrats on the safe trip- travel can be frustrating. Good luck finding a home of your own!

  3. We miss you, Bex!!! Kim, Anne and I did the whole paparazzi thing at the HCSC luncheon without you. =( Love the farm and Mikey photos. Good to see you posting.
    Jennifer Bowen´s last post ..Legoland Deutschland

  4. Aw! So glad to hear ya’ll made it safely! Hopefully ya’ll will adjust quickly. 🙂 Miss you!!!!

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