Signs of Spring & Winter Colds

On Wednesday the air smelled like Spring. Both Mikey and I were excited to go outside after feeling as though we’ve been stuck in the house for quite some time. It was while we were running around and playing in the sunshine that I noticed Mikey had a slight cough. We went inside and had our lunch, I gave him a warm drink to help his throat and by the afternoon it was fairly apparent that he had caught his daddy’s cold (his daddy has been off work for a lot of the week). Mikey rarely gets sick, I honestly can’t even remember the last time.

He’s miserable today… he still wants to play but he’s running a fever and keeps coughing. We’re going to be on the couch in our pajamas watching episodes of Pingu (which is a Swiss stop-motion cartoon about a penguin if you haven’t heard of it. Search it on Youtube, it’s wonderful). Later I may have to see if I can leave the sick boys at home to go out to the Apotheke and pick up some cold medicine.

Perhaps the Spring weather we had on Wednesday will come back in time for Mikey to feel better. He so wanted to run around and play outside and I feel bad for having to keep him inside. He’s snuggled up on the couch next to me, dozing as I write and hopefully sleep will help him to feel better.


  1. Poor Mikey! I hope he’s feeling better soon. Indy and I have had a cold too and it’s not fun. If Mikey is stuffy, you can get a small bottle of Eucalyptus oil at the apoteke for about 1 Euro (you have to ask for it). If you have a humidifier, put a few drops in the water or if not, put some on a cotton ball and put it inside his pillow case or under his sheet. It will help keep his nose open while he sleeps so he can rest better. It’s hard to rest when you’re stuffed up.
    BTW, I LOVE Pingu. It’s weird in its Swedishness, but also awesome. Hugs to Mikey!!!
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  2. Poor guy! The same cold is going around here with cough and fever. No fun at all. I haven’t head of Pingu but will have to check it out.
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