Pale Green Tulips

I love that there are already bunches of tulips for sale on the market. Only buds for now, each flower tightly wrapped within itself and waiting for the sunshine. I bought a bunch this morning, to put in a glass vase on our table. Something at least to brighten the room a little, because we’re not feeling particularly bright ourselves quite yet.

I often share things on my personal facebook, things that Mikey says because he says the most bizarre things on occasion. I almost always forget to share them on here, but here is one from last night. It was late and Mikey was fast asleep on the couch, my husband and I were watching a movie. Mikey laughs in his sleep, then opens his eyes and says only, “I like birdies” closes his eyes again and falls right back to sleep. If only he knew how lovely he is (I think he does really).

I’ve been knitting quite a bit again too, picking up some dear lost projects from last year in an attempt to perhaps actually finish them. I think I’ve reached the point where I would be comfortable doing something a little different for my next knitting project, I have dreams of hand-spun yarn and fancy stitches. All it may take is a little courage and time to figure out how to reverse patterns for my rather silly left-handed self.

We had a relaxing weekend, Saturday was quite busy for me I suppose, as I disappeared with our neighbours all morning to take some photographs. The photographs turned out wonderfully and I will be sure to share them with you later this week. Sunday was spent mostly in our own livingroom, in a similar fashion to this afternoon, my husband and Mikey napping on the couch while I busy myself in the relative peace and quiet. I’ve been thinking a lot about various little projects, both on this blog and off. I’m hoping to get a few things started soon, but others will have to wait.

The calm and quiet of inspiration feels good, a little like a long lost friend. I’m going to drink some tea, ponder some more and then should really begin cooking our valentine’s day dinner.

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  1. These are so beautiful! I love the way that you have processed them, and your blog is gorgeous too 🙂

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