Clementine Pound Cake

I realised this weekend that I haven’t cooked anything particularly interesting in over a month, I suppose when I’m a little more stressed out than usual I don’t really feel much like being in the kitchen. After realising this though, I felt absolutely compelled to cook something right away… dusting off my poor neglected pans and scouring the kitchen for ingredients.

We’ve been eating clementines like crazy these past few weeks, to the point where I’m wondering whether we would actually overdose on them. Mikey especially, they’re his new favourite food and I’ve been watching him closely to make sure he doesn’t begin to turn into one. So Clementine Pound Cake seems pretty perfect right now and we have an abundance of clementines on hand. The season for them seems to coming to an end, though, and the ones they have at the commissary are starting to look lonely and sad. I recently bought a whole lot of Spanish clementines from the German grocery store nearby and they’re still amazing, although Mikey was slightly disappointed that they’re not the easy peel kind… I suppose you can’t have everything.

I don’t know why I haven’t made this cake before. When you’re as disaster prone a baker as I am, it’s always wonderful to find a recipe that’s not particularly fiddly but still tastes wonderful. I managed to throw this together while Mikey was underfoot in the kitchen, pretending to bake a cake of his own and I think you should try it too. Perhaps not the having a 3 year old boy underfoot part, but definitely the cake.

Clementine Pound Cake
Recipe Can be found at Savvy Eats

I made a few slight changes to the original, using 1/2 tsp cinnamon and 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg in place of the cardamom (because I didn’t have any). I also used vanilla extract in the place of vanilla bean paste and used unbleached flour.



  1. Raquel Nichols(Vóvó)

    Look and sounds delicious! I think I’ll have to try it sometime

  2. tristan

    that looks absolutely delicious. way to put all those clementines to good use. 🙂 <3

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