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A while back, maybe a few months ago, I put out a message asking if anyone would let me practice taking portraits on them. Bridget, who lives directly opposite us, replied but due to both of our schedules we just never got around to actually naming a day when we’d go out to take the photos. Then a couple of weeks ago, after posting some of the maternity portraits I took onto my personal facebook account, Bridget commented that she’d still like to go and take some photos if I was willing. We set a date and crossed our fingers for good weather, something you can’t always rely on at this time of year in Germany.

We set out last Saturday morning, the weather looking a little dreary, but there was still plenty of light. We had a great time, a good chance for me to try out some different things and both Matt and Bridget had some fantastic ideas for poses too. We wandered around the Hauptstrasse and Altstadt, looking for interesting colours and backdrops. I think we all just about died when we spotted this bright yellow building hidden away.

Thank you to Bridget and Matt for allowing me to use you guys as practice models! Although fairly time consuming, more than I initially imagined, I’m really enjoying this little foray into portrait photography and I think it’s actually helping a lot with other aspects of my photography and post-processing style. I’m looking forward to seeing if I can perhaps coerce a few more people into modelling for me, and maybe trying a few things that are a little more “arty”.

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  1. Hey, I’d love to get photos done, you do such a great job! ….except we just did engagement and wedding photos this past year so I think people are getting sick of seeing us! Maybe I’ll convince my husband it’s time to have a baby soon, just so I have an excuse to get some photos done (ok, that’s not the ONLY reason… haha).

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