Wedding Anniversary

The above photo is a self portrait taken yesterday while walking in the mountains above the Bergfriedhof, a beautiful mountain cemetery in Heidelberg that was opened in 1844.

Today is my 4th wedding anniversary. 4 years since we walked nervously into that courthouse in the outer Chicago suburbs. We didn’t have a fancy wedding and I didn’t have a dress. We didn’t even have rings. We don’t have a single photograph from that day, but I can remember it as though it were yesterday.

It’s been a year of ups and downs, much like any year. I am just as much in love as the day we were married, and then more. Even though I know I’m a pain most of the time, he’s put up with me. I’ve been tripping over his boots left out in the living room for 4 years now, we’ve worked our way through deployment and separation, he has risked eating some of my less-than-spectacular kitchen concoctions, deals with my poor housekeeping skills, he has always been there when I’ve needed him and we’re raising an amazing little boy together.

I said to him this morning, “Wow, 4 years. How did that happen?” to which he replied, “Laziness?”

We had a great New Year, attending a party at the home of Mom in High Heels and venturing out at midnight to watch the fireworks exploding all over Heidelberg. Mikey loves fireworks, he has been talking about them ever since. He keeps asking “When black outside, more lights? Green lights, blue lights, red lights, yellow lights. More lights?”

I also started a 365 project on January 1st. I’ve been meaning to do one for a while, I thought about starting on my birthday back in September but never got around to it. The first day of a new year seemed like good enough a time though. Here are my first 2 photographs.

I’ll post the photos from 365 on here occasionally. I’m thinking about setting up a separate page on here for them, perhaps I’ll finish that up later today. For now you can see my 365 set on Flickr here.

I hope you all had a great weekend and Happy New Year!


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  2. Beautiful, beautiful self portrait! I love the perspective and colors. So reflective!
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