A photograph taken last week as a part of my 365 Project this year, of Mikey gleefully jumping on our bed. I’ve been relatively quiet for the best part of a week, I know. A lot of things have been happening and we’re taking the time to figure out our options for the future, again. I know I’ve been dancing around this subject for two months now. I don’t like having to talk about it in this way, but I think if I poured it all out now, things are likely to change anyway and my thoughts wouldn’t be coming from a good place. It’s still not something I can really write about until after the final decision has been made. So we’re sitting tight.

Things are going to be ok no matter what. Of course we can still make the time to jump on the bed, laugh and smile. We can always make time for that.

Photograph posted for the I Heart Faces Challenge, “Smile”

update: wow! Thank you so much! I got an Angie & Amy pick for this photo 🙂 It has made my day!


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