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First of all, thank you all so much for your sweet comments during the Blizzard Bloghop! I’m sorry that I haven’t managed to make it around to all of you yet, this weekend ended up being a little more hectic than I expected; Isn’t that always the way? I’m going to be heading over to some more blogs later today and probably browsing for most of the week ­čÖé

Last week also held further bad news with our continuing situation. I know, I know… the one I’m shrouding in mystery and wont just outright tell you about, I’m sorry for that. I think that this week is going to be somewhat of a crossroads, from tomorrow there will likely be only a couple of ways this whole thing can go, instead of the million or so choices and disappointments we have been facing for the past two months. I suppose that I should be relieved about that but I’m still a little apprehensive, perhaps because of the stress this is all causing at home, or perhaps because whatever happens we will still be leaving Germany and I don’t particularly want to.

We had some beautiful sunshine on Saturday and despite the temperatures actually being freezing cold, I went with my friend and her husband to Heidelberg Castle so we could shoot some more Maternity Portraits. I had a lot of fun and I’m much more pleased with these ones overall than I was with our test run last weekend. As a photographer who is trying to commit to a certain style I think these fit in with that much better than the photos I took before. I feel as though I’ve grown as a photographer, even since the start of this year. I’m getting a better idea of how I, personally, photograph things and what I want from each image. I’m learning a whole lot and my processing is become more streamlined and consistent. These are all good things for me, I’m usually quite lazy when it comes to learning things properly.

How was your weekend? I hope you all had a good one.

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  1. tristan

    love it! i see you in ever picture. your style really shines through and does this cute couple and their little one justice. ­čÖé
    will continue to think of you as the army and life brings you to another crossroads.

  2. beautiful maternity images & beautiful editing as well. Hope all goes smoothly on your decision making front, lifes decisions are never easy, sending out thoughts & prayers to you & your lovely little family! Happy Tuesday!
    Christine┬┤s last post ..Roses are Red- Violets are Blue

  3. Kel

    uh…you MUST share how you edited these photos. I have been trying to achieve this look for FOREVER!!! Please share. These photos are gorgeous!!!! ­čÖé I’m a blog friend of Ashley Sisk if that gives credibility ­čÖé hahahahahaha. Love!

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