Embarrassingly perhaps, we live a little over an hour away from Frankfurt and the only time we have ever been into the city has either been to go to the airport or to the U.S. Embassy for my immigration paperwork.

Mikey and I woke early and ventured out for a trip into Frankfurt this morning with Kim and another member from the photography club, to meet with two more photographers, Nelou and Laura (who is also British, it’s always very exciting to hear another familiar accent).

During our wanderings, Mikey and I managed to find ourselves being unexpectedly filmed for German TV. Mikey also chased pigeons all over every walkway.

It was cold, but the sky and sunlight was beautiful. We had a great time together, hiding out from the cold in Starbucks, arguing over British vs American pronunciation and generally wandering the streets of Frankfurt. I wish we could have had a little longer to explore, but it was cold to be out for too long.

I think that this weekend will probably be another quiet one. Last weekend was a four day weekend for us, it seemed so busy, and this week was much of the same. Just getting in a little blog time while I wait for the laundry to finish. I hope you all have a great weekend.

Photos linked to the Foto Friday theme “Light”, hosted by Household6Diva
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  1. Deb

    Sounds like a fun trip. Both photos are great. Love the bright green sign surrounded by lots of neutral colors. And I love the old buildings contrasting with the shiny tall buildings in the background.
    Deb´s last post ..light

  2. nelou

    it was so great meeting you, and your little one was a delight. hope to do it again sometime!

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