Two Thousand and Ten

January: I bought my DSLR Camera, after my old one was taken from the hospital when my son was born and in the NICU. It s such a relief to be using an SLR again after years of using a point and shoot. It snowed a little last January, Mikey and I went on lots of trips through the snow.

February: More snow, more adventures. I loved this photo of Mikey so much that I had it printed and framed for the living room. I also made the big move with this blog from blogspot to wordpress, along with a blog name change. We babysit a kitty cat that our neighbours found stuck in a tree.

March: We went on a road trip together with some friends, visiting the town of Baden Baden and the beautiful Black Forest.

April: Spring is in full force, Mikey and I take trips to hunt for Spring flowers and lots of walks by the riverside.

May: My very first vegetable garden begins to sprout from the ground. Mikey helped me dig and weed the whole thing. He then of course enjoyed helping me eat what grew, especially the tomatoes.

June: It’s summer, all of our days are spent playing outside and picking wild cherries. It seemed as though the only reason we ever came indoors was to sleep. My parents and brother come to visit from England and I finish building some furniture.

July: And I can’t believe what a little man my baby has become already. We spend a lot of time hunting for rocks and bugs while waiting for the wild blackberries to ripen. We watch the Fireworks over Heidelberg Castle one warm evening and harvest goodies from our vegetable garden.

August: We visit my parents in England for most of the month. Mikey rides on a vintage train and eats his first real British Fish & Chips during his first trip to the seaside.

September: The first part of September is spent in England. I have my birthday there. Mikey collects horse chestnuts from a tree that I planted as a little girl. He also plays in the cornfields behind my parents house, gets to touch a lizard for the first time and obsess over spiders at a nearby animal park. Mikey has his birthday at the end of September and we go to the circus.

October: Summer turns to Autumn and we spend most of our time collecting fallen leaves.

November: Mikey’s vovó visits us from Chicago. We spend lots of time exploring different areas of Heidelberg and take a boat trip down the Rhein River.

We get a lot of snow, probably more than I can ever remember having. Mikey builds a snowman and learns to throw snowballs. We also spend a lot of time snuggling indoors and he recites a book to me for the first time.

The year comes to a close, we are attending a party tonight and Mikey is looking forward to watching the fireworks. We have plans for 2011. Who knows what life will throw at us? I don’t think I’m quite ready, but that can’t be helped. We’ve had a wonderful time this past year and met so many amazing people.

I hope you all have a happy new year and a wonderful 2011!

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  1. What a wonderful post, really beautiful memories, text, and photos. Baden Baden looks so incredible, like a page out of a story book…going to have to put that on my list of places to visit. Have a happy new year!

  2. Deb

    These are just beautiful photos and I enjoyed reading about them, too! My favorite is of your little boy in the snow. I love his expression and the hat and the surroundings – just perfect!
    Deb´s last post ..memories of 2010

  3. I’m relatively new to your blog but I have loved pouring through your photos from day one. One of your recipes inspired a bread pudding I made on a whim, too! Enjoy the New Year.
    Kristen´s last post ..Stollen

  4. Natalie

    Your photos are SO beautiful. I love the one of the vegetable sprouts and the very last one!

  5. Raquel Nichols(Vóvó)

    Loved the way you recapped the year. I printed the last photo from a previous post and everyone I have shown it to loves it. Have a very Happy New Years Eve party and celebration.

  6. All beautiful soft images but the December photograph is absolutely stunning 🙂 Looks like a lovely year ^_^

  7. Happy New Year! I loved your review. Mikey grew so much through that year. I hope the new year bring you loads of enjoyment, challenges and a lot of love.

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