Outside in the Snow

It snowed again for us yesterday, just enough to cover the ground but at one point yesterday afternoon it was coming down pretty hard. Mikey saw the snow from the window and asked me if I could lift him up to the ledge to see. Of course he wanted to go out and play in it, so we bundled up nice and warm and headed out there to play! By the time we came back inside we were both covered in snow, Mikey laughing at me because I had snow in my hair.

I’ve still been using manual focus for all of my photographs lately and I’m getting pretty fast with it. On Tuesday I was taking some photos for a friend, of her and her little boy. I tried to change back to autofocus and found that I can’t really use it anymore without getting frustrated. So after complaining about one of my lenses that is only manual, but then getting used to it, I’ve found that I actually much prefer it now. You might have noticed that I’m also obsessing over black & white at the moment too. Funny how things work.

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  1. Love these pictures of your boy! Love the softness to it! ­čÖé
    And yes, I find myself playing with manual focus more and more too ­čÖé
    It’s addicting.

  2. I love that you’ve chosen such a creamy color and still kept the photos sharp. I remember when manual focus was all we were allowed in Journalism classes – – and post process was no more than a crop. It makes a better photographer. These are beautiful and he looks like he’s had a ball playing.
    Rachelle┬┤s last post ..Succeeding

    • Thank you!

      My husband is a journalist/public affairs specialist for the army, they don’t use manual focus but they’re only allowed very minimal editing on their photos. Getting tips from him and hearing about the things he has to do has really helped me with my photography!
      Satakieli┬┤s last post ..Outside in the Snow

    • My other lens is just my kit lens so the autofocus is pretty slow… the manual focus can be difficult but the faster I get at it the easier it becomes!
      Satakieli┬┤s last post ..Outside in the Snow

  3. Gorgeous shots! I’m finally figuring out how to use the manual settings. It makes a world of difference doesn’t it?

  4. These MUST be framed and displayed every winter from now on! I do so love that I’m finally getting the hang of shooting in manual, also. Nothing helps you understand photography better than having to set it all up yourself. and the auto setting can be very frustrating at times.
    It Only Gets Better┬┤s last post ..You Capture – Outside

    • Thanks! I am thinking about getting them printed actually, they would look nice strung up as christmas decorations ­čÖé

      I have used manual camera settings for quite a while, I find it gives me so much better control over how the end photo looks and I don’t think I’d ever go back to automatic settings. The manual focusing is pretty new to me though, no more lining up those little autofocus squares on the viewfinder to get what I want or having to wait for the slow autofocus motor in my other lens!
      Satakieli┬┤s last post ..Outside in the Snow

  5. Raquel Nichols(V├│v├│)

    Beatiful! I enjoy reading your posts all the time.

  6. Natalie

    I LOVE that B&W edit!! And props for takin those in manual focus! Ive used it before and its mandatory i use it with my macro setting on my 28-85 lens but ive never had to use it full time ­čÖé but these truly are stunning!

  7. I just love your editing of these! So calm and serene…. yet you can tell he is having a blast! Great job!
    kbreints┬┤s last post ..Brrrrrr

  8. These are stunning! I am new to your blog and can’t wait to see what is next. I’m so inspired! Thank you!!
    DebraP┬┤s last post ..Oh what fun

  9. Zoe

    I love the black and white! I’m so jealous of Mikey getting to play in the snow they, I’ve never got to play in the snow and he looks so happy!
    Zoe┬┤s last post ..Get outside

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