Blankets of Snow

I mentioned in my previous post that the skies had dumped a whole pile of snow on us this week. It’s still very early for snow, even in Germany, but now the ground is covered in a white, soft blanket and the air is cold. The sun came out for long enough on Tuesday for Mikey and I to be able to go outside and play in it without getting too cold. I bundled him up in his new winter coat, boots and snow overalls. We pushed the snow from tree branches so that it fell in our hair, stepped backwards and forwards in one anothers footprints, followed trails of tiny bird footprints around in circles and threw snowballs at one another.

On Wednesday we had an appointment at the U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt, for some of my immigration stuff. The roads were mostly clear of snow, but the scenery outside the car window was stunning. Even the mostly industrial looking city of Frankfurt looked pretty under the snow. Unfortunately there was a long line outside the Consulate, so we had to wait in the freezing snow and wind. Despite that, we managed to leave with good news about my immigration status and so far none of us seem to be any the worse for wear after standing out there.

I put up one set of Christmas lights this week, Mikey adores them and asks for me to put them on as soon as he wakes up in the morning. Because I’m quite a last minute shopper, I haven’t done nearly as much of my Christmas shopping as I should have, even things like decorations. The snow has been discouraging me from walking all of the way to the Hauptstrasse to finish shopping, although perhaps I will catch a bus to The Familia Center, a small mall just outside of town, so that I can shop in the warm. We already have a few toys for Mikey, hidden in the top drawer of my dresser. A beautiful carved wooden toy elephant from his vovó and vovô, a set of wooden beads to thread onto laces and a few other little bits and pieces. I still have to cut and paint some wood to make him some lacing boards, but I expect I will get around to that in the next week or so. Last night we ordered him classic Mikey Mouse and Minnie Mouse plush toys, I hope that they will arrive in time.

I think that this weekend will be spent making Christmas decorations with Mikey, I expect to be vacuuming up copious amounts of glitter and cut paper. Perhaps we will bake some Christmas cookies too.

Are you getting ready for Christmas? A last minute shopper like me? Have any nice plans for the weekend?

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Last photo linked to show off your shot and Macro Friday. The secret to catching a photo of a snowflake is patience. I spotted a snowflake on my window ledge yesterday, by the time I had got my camera it had already melted. I opened the window and sat, freezing, for 30 minutes waiting for more to fall 🙂
and then, she {snapped}

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P.S. Can I just say I am still completely in love with this camera lens.
Nikkor 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5 Manual Focus only. Love love love.


  1. How lovely photos and specially like two last ones. To me winter is little sad time and the last photo is so symboliv for that reason:)
    Have a nice weekend
    Greetings from Finland

  2. Leanne

    Your photos are simply beautiful, hon. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time (and suffering that cold air for 30 minutes!) to capture the snowflake. I’ve never seen one, and that perfect little crystal of ice was so lovely for me to see (it has been 38 degrees Celsius here this week in Perth, Australia..).
    I enjoyed reading about your Christmas plans and preparations – I am also looking forward to this first Christmas with my little daughter, Lulu. I had to smile when you mentioned Frankfurt, as just this week I ordered Lulu’s Christmas present to be shipped from there – some beautiful Ostheimer wooden farm animals – I can’t wait to see them myself! I will now smile and think of you when they arrive! 🙂
    Enjoy that magical, white world – here it’s just brown and dry.. xx

    • Oh they make beautiful children’s toys here. I swear I am going to be stocking up for future birthdays before we leave 🙂 The wooden elephant I mentioned that we got for Mikey is an Ostheimer too, this one – although I have been tempted to go back and get some more of them as they had some adorable little cats and bunnies… his three favourite animals at the moment. The Ostheimer animals animals are just as gorgeous in person as they look on the pictures, probably moreso 🙂

      I also really want to get him a Steiff bear before we leave… I love those!
      Satakieli´s last post ..Blankets of Snow

  3. Those are beautiful!!! I love the snowflakes!! I’ve only ever seen one like that before and it was last year. So glad you were rewarded for your 30 minutes of freezing! 🙂
    Katie L.´s last post ..One Sunrise Three Looks

  4. oh these shots are fantastic, I can’t believe that perfect macro snowflake, it is absolutely amazing. I am so very very impressed with your talent!
    justine Gordon´s last post ..Macro Friday

  5. The snowflake!!! Amazing!!! Your shots are making me homesick. I grew up in Michigan and now live in Arizona. No snow. No cold. No winter wonderland. I miss it. These shots brought back lots of memories. Thank you.

    • We lived in Texas for a while, I know I missed the snow while we were there… even though it doesn’t normally snow a whole lot where I’m from in England.
      Satakieli´s last post ..Blankets of Snow

  6. I think your snowflake shot is just amazing. I tried to capture some but they never turned out as nice as this one.

    Looks like your experiencing the same weird weather as us. I’m hoping that there will be some blue skies tommorrow to take some snow shots but I don’t think we are forecast any snow this weekend.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend making christmas decorations.

    • Yeah, I heard from my parents about the weather in the UK, they live in the Cambridge area. It seems like a lot of Europe is getting it early this year! My younger brother lives in Scotland and he said it’s freezing up there too.
      Satakieli´s last post ..Blankets of Snow

  7. Raquel Nichols(Vóvó)

    Beautiful photos once again. Let me know how Mikey likes the elephant.

  8. What a gloriously perfect snowflake! It’s so hard to capture them well but you did it wonderfully.

  9. These photos are incredible! Especially that lone snowflake.

    My favorite texture one is the one with you little boy; you can almost feel the fleece and snow through the photo. Good job!
    Anastasia´s last post ..DefiningTexture

  10. Magnificent photo… I have not been able to acquire a shot like this yet. We did get a dusting of snow yesterday but I am still….sick and it was way too cold for me. LOL
    Charlene´s last post ..Feel Good Friday

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