Aching Feet

I feel like we’ve been so busy this weekend that we’ve barely had time to stop, an unusual occurrence as we generally like to take things slow. My mother-in-law in still visiting from Chicago, we have walked up mountains and traipsed down side streets to see the local sights. Sadly the weather has not been particularly wonderful, but we soldier on anyway. Saturday was a great day, I managed to start some Christmas shopping with friends. Getting a few decorations and little gifts for Mikey that I just know he’ll love. In a fairly typical crafter fashion though, we decided that we are going to have a craft day one weekend so that we can make ourselves a lot of the decorations that we saw while shopping. This is going to entail rather large amounts of glitter, so looking forward to that!

On Friday I managed to make it away for a couple of hours for the HCSC Photography Club meeting. I had such a great time with these ladies (and guys!), even if it was a little exhausting climbing the seemingly endless steps of the Thingplatz here in Heidelberg. It was, of course, stunningly beautiful up there with the autumn leaves. The last time I was there was in the summer.

On Sunday we took a day trip to nearby Rüdesheim and Rheinstein Castle, both along the Rhein river. Rüdesheim is a wine making town, so of course we made sure to stock up. We took a boat trip along the Rhein, which Mikey was very excited about. Although threatening, the clouds managed to hold of from raining on us for most of the day.

This week brings us more adventures, hopefully a final shopping trip into downtown Heidelberg and then bus and tram rides to some small nearby towns. I may end up just sleeping all of next weekend.


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