A Quiet Sunday Walk

I managed to make an escape on Sunday afternoon for a quiet walk all alone. I wandered for a while, through the old cemetery near my apartment and out the other side. I walked up the side of a large hill that I can usually see from my living room window, following the zig-zag of the path through the trees and past a small stream. It was so beautifully quiet up there, all I could hear was the stream trickling slowly past me, the birds in the trees and the sharp crunch of leaves underfoot.

Sometimes it’s refreshing to have some quiet.

Sweet Shot Day


  1. Great shot! The color and mood are both fantastic. You’ve done a good job exposing in a shady forest, which I know isn’t easy. Next time, if you want a more dramatic composition, try moving the camera away from eye level. Try getting low and looking up, for example.

    • Thanks! I did take several shots while I was walking, I chose this one because of the natural colour gradient rather than the composition (which I know isn’t that great). You’re right, it can be difficult to expose properly in a shady forest… took a couple of tries to get it to come out ok!
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  2. I love it! I adore nature shots. And the trees are magnificent. Must have been a great Sunday walk. =)

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