Leaves and Singing

Photographs of a rather grumpy little man, worn out from a trip to the doctor. We have the go-ahead to get his hearing tested (again) and have been encouraged to have him evaluated for speech therapy. Poor little man is much more interested in running around outside, singing, jumping over cracks in the sidewalk and stopping to examine leaves than he is in pronouncing letters and words correctly.

I suppose, though, that it’s one of the lasting effects of being so hasty to exit the womb at 32 weeks. Much like trying to walk up the stairs two steps at a time, before your legs are really long enough, and the resulting bump. This week, a month after his birthday, marks the 3 year anniversary of us being able to bring him home from the hospital. Everything else seems to have sorted itself out, he’s still a skinny minnie for 3 years old but his growth curve is good. So we’ll see how things go.

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  1. love the pics… creative eye! I hope you get the answers you are looking for after all the test. My oldest had lots of health issues the first couple years, and now both his little guys are taking turns. each grows & learns at their own pace. as long as they are happy & healthy, strong & interested in the world around them, then you have beaten 99% of any battle, the rest is up to the one above & mommys love šŸ™‚ ~hugs
    Faythe @GrammyMouseTĀ“s last post ..Broken boney fingers high on a dead tree I perch

    • Thank you!

      He’s had various tests and operations since he’s been out of the hospital, mostly the eyes nose and throat area. I really think he’s a smart little boy, but just likes to take some things at a slower pace!
      SatakieliĀ“s last post ..Leaves and Singing

  2. The pics are great!! I love the contrast of the color of the leaf with everything else šŸ™‚

    I’m a mom who’s been there/done that with the hearing tests and speech therapy. Will say a prayer that all things work out well for you all and that your son gets the therapy he needs!!
    SallieĀ“s last post ..Wordless Wednesday: Beirut Memorial

    • Thank you šŸ™‚

      He’s already had tubes once, when he was a year old, so I’m hoping he wont need them again. I sometimes wonder if he just has difficulty with the weird mixture of my British accent, my husband’s American accent and then all of the German that is around us.
      SatakieliĀ“s last post ..Leaves and Singing

  3. I love the pics. One of my relatives had the same problem with her son. He didn’t want to pronounce words (no hearing problems), he wanted to play outside. He ended up getting speech therapy and he does great now. I cannot even tell he had trouble with words.
    ElsaĀ“s last post ..Moroccan Stuffed Peppers- Roasted Brussel Sprouts

    • Thank you.

      I think that is most likely the case, he has already had tubes for a tiny amount of fluid in his inner ear when he was a year old and his hearing was ever-so-slightly off. They did the operation because they were going in there to do something else anyway. I don’t think it wold have built up again so quickly! Either way though, speech therapy would probably help.
      SatakieliĀ“s last post ..Leaves and Singing

  4. Great Shots! Hope everything works out with your little man. I had to start speech therapy when I was his age.

  5. He may have been grumpy, but he sure was enthralled with that leaf – nice capture. Good luck with the testing, I hope you have answers soon.

  6. laura

    I really like the combo of the thick sweater cuffs and the leaf – it’s a nice way to say autumn. šŸ™‚

  7. Jen

    I love these shots! I’m sure things will continue to work themselves out. I’ve never know a three year old who would rather slow down to speak properly than play and explore their exciting little world.
    JenĀ“s last post ..You Capture: Autumn

    • Exactly. There’s a small part of me that doesn’t want to interrupt his fun by having to take him to speech therapy, but the more realistic part of me knows that it would help him a lot to go at this age.
      SatakieliĀ“s last post ..Leaves and Singing

  8. I wish you the best of luck with the tests…definitly not easy with a toddler. My son had to go for hearing tests (for his tube procedure) and it was so hard. They just want to run! Lovely photos, especially the 2nd one.
    TaraĀ“s last post ..You Capture Autumn

    • He had hearing tests when he was a year old, and tubes. He wasn’t mobile by then so I suppose it must have been easier, although I remember him crying a lot. Not looking forward to it this time.
      SatakieliĀ“s last post ..Leaves and Singing

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