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These photos were taken last week, when the weather was a little better. We were out collecting rocks and leaves, investigating bugs and chasing one another. The second photograph is Mikey’s best monster face. Today it is foggy again, but perhaps we’ll head outside to play if it clears up. At the risk of sounding overly sentimental, the dates between Mikey’s birthday (30 September) and what was his due date (19 November) are times when I find myself quieter and in need of extra little boy cuddles. I wonder if things would have been different had he not been born so early, but then I wouldn’t change what we have now for the world. It doesn’t stop me wishing that he’d had a less difficult start.

He’s growing up so fast, but he’s still so small. He’s my little monster, we love to play and be silly. Last night Mikey and daddy played at sneaking after Mikey’s bath, while I was in the kitchen cooking a roast chicken they were sneaking around the house on all fours to try to surprise me. I could hear Mikey’s giggling and loud whispers, as he crawled slowly around the kitchen counter. Then “Roar!” he jumps up and tickles me, we need to work on tickles and explain that just because you make the tickle noise, you can’t just poke and hit. I chase him back to where he started and we begin again, I’m pretending to potter around in the kitchen not noticing him and we continue until dinner is ready.

After dinner, he fell asleep on my arm while we were sitting on the couch. Head back, mouth open, snoring like an old man.

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  1. My step-daughter was born early as well. Even at the age of 9 she does not like to be alone and wants to cuddle alot. We all feel it stems back from her rough start.

  2. Thankyou so much for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment. That’s some expression Mikey is pulling and the first shot is ever so dreamy.

  3. LOVE the lighting in the first image, so perfect! and he wide mouthed grin in the second, such a cutie 🙂 really looking forward to following along with your beautiful blog 🙂
    Christine´s last post ..From MY Heart

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