Evening Sunshine

The nights have begun drawing in, it seems to happen so fast in the Autumn that it takes our bodies a little time to adjust. I find myself turning on the lamps in the living room and looking at the clock, at 7pm the lights are on already and we’re beginning to snuggle down for the evening. By around 9pm I’m thinking about going to bed, until I realise that it’s not nearly as late as I thought it was. It was only a few months ago that we were still playing outside in the light at 9pm.

We enjoy it though, long summer days are always fun but so are the cozy autumn evenings that we are getting at the moment in Heidelberg. Especially when we can go for a walk at 5 or 6pm, just before the cold wind picks up, and catch the low sun and orange sky casting long, dark shadows and bright highlights, Mikey jumping in and out of the shadows yelling “Sunshine! No Sunshine! Sunshine! No Sunshine!”.

Today I am making a leaf garland with the remainder of the leaves that Mikey and I brought in last week. Mikey going between helping me and playing in the living room, pretending to be a falling feather complete with feathers plucked from his couch cushion and invented sound effects. I think that if a feather made sounds when it was falling, that is exactly what it would sound like.

In other news: I’m a featured foodie today over on Good Cheap Eats, with a recipe for Cottage Pie. Head on over for the recipe and to see the other recipes that are linked up for the day, or add your own to the linky! If you are visiting from Good Cheap Eats, thank you and welcome! If you like you can take a look at my Recipe Index.

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  1. That first photo is truly gorgeous! Were you able to make it to the luncheon this morning? Wish we could have met. Kim is setting up a meet some time this month. I hope you’ll be able to go.

    • I wasn’t able to make it, I’ve been running around since 11am to appointments and suchlike. I hope to be able to make it to the next meet though!
      Satakieli´s last post ..Evening Sunshine

  2. Candace O

    Stopping by from Good Cheap Eats and wanted to say hi! I saw your post and thought what a small world it is. I too am a mil wife and we live in England 🙂 RAF Alconbury actually. And we have friends who moved last year to Ramstein which we’ve visited several times and are going again in November! Can’t wait to check out your recipes!

    • It’s an even smaller world than you thought, because Alconbury is very very close to where I grew up! (In the Peterborough area)

      I haven’t made it over to Ramstein yet since we’ve been here (we’re in Heidelberg) but Germany on the whole is beautiful and I will miss it when we have to move on again.

      Hope you enjoy the recipes and thanks for stopping by!
      Satakieli´s last post ..Evening Sunshine

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  4. First of all LOVE your blog. What a great simple layout!! These are BEAUTIFUL photos!! 🙂 I especially love the first and last ones.
    Thanks so much for linking up!
    Faith´s last post ..Its Monday

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