Let me tell you a secret…

When Mikey’s daddy is away for work, we don’t really do any chores until the few hours before he’s due back home. The house is a mess, my empty coffee cups are piling high in the sink and Mikey’s stuffed animals have taken up residence on the couch, but there’s a good enough reason.

Instead of doing chores, we go adventuring!

Sometimes, if the weather is bad, we keep our adventures indoors. Building forts in the living room and having indoor picnics, but if the weather is good then we like to aimlessly wander around town, or catch a bus to somewhere new.

This morning we packed a lunch and headed out, jumping in lots of crisp autumn leaves along the way and collecting some for our art project. We wandered the beautiful Heidelberg AltStadt side streets, Mikey naming the colours of the Autumn leaves and jumping along the cobbles, chasing pigeons.

That sounds much more exciting than chores, doesn’t it?



  1. He is adorable and I love the idea of adventuring ­čÖé I’m the same way how I usually don’t get to my household chores until right before the hubbs comes home, ha ha! He’ll never know, right?

  2. LOVE that picture!

    and your secret is safe with me- because I have the same secret! HA!

  3. Love it. I need to remind myself to do this, take time away from the everyday cleaning to have an adventure with my little ones thanks!
    krystal┬┤s last post ..You Capture-Faces

  4. Oh, when I saw this I thought, “this reminds me of Germany.” Then I read what you wrote. Ha! We lived in Heidelberg (and Friedberg) for four years, until last autumn. Anyway, I really like your shot. ­čÖé
    Brain Fart┬┤s last post ..You Capture- Faces

  5. Raquel

    I can’t wait go adventuring with you and Mikey in a few weeks.

  6. So much more interesting than chores… There’s nothing like little adventures!
    Deia┬┤s last post ..Cold

  7. Adventures are much more fun than chores ­čÖé I plan to have my own adventures tomorrow on my day off rather than doing chores ­čśë

    Great picture-your pictures are inspiring me to really get into photography again.

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