Chasing Shadows

Behind our apartment building is a little path which leads to a GartenPlatz. It’s an area of the town where people can rent an individual garden plot if they don’t have one of their own at home, many of them are filled with beautiful flowers as well as fruits and vegetables. Mikey and I often go on walks down there, the train tracks run right past so he can watch trains from the bridge, pointing out the colours of each and excitedly following them from one side of the bridge to the next as they disappear underneath and reemerge.

Last week we took a walk over there to watch the circus setting up on the Messplatz, standing at the top of the steps that overlook the grounds where fleamarkets are held several times a month and now a circus on one side and being able to look over the gardens on the other side. We walked slowly home, Mikey noticing that the sun was so bright he could see bold shadows on the ground. He danced around in circles, making his shadow move, watching it, laughing and chased it almost all the way home.

We spent yesterday with the lovely Household6Diva and her boys, under the guise of my husband talking to us to get some military spouse input on the direction of Army Social Media. In fact we ended up chatting all afternoon on all the subjects that we can’t usually talk about in only 140 characters on Twitter. It was a great afternoon and we hope to be able to see them again soon!

Photographs entered in the Simplicity Photo Challenge, theme “Out and About”

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    • Thank you, sorry about the confusion to do with the comment I left. I had linked up but was trying to point out that the comment I left wasn’t linked directly to this blog, but instead my old google/blogspot one… so I was worried you might not know who left the comment. Does that make ANY sense? I think I’m having one of those days!
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  1. It was wonderful to be able to simply talk to you (rather than type!) I look forward to the things your hubby has in store for USAREUR and hopefully spending some time together with our families! šŸ™‚
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  2. Lovely photos and post. I’ve never heard of a garden area like that…what a fantastic idea. It sounds like you enjoyed a really fun day!
    JennyĀ“s last post ..out and about

    • They seem to have them a lot in the more built up areas of Europe (cities and suchlike) where a lot of people will live in a highrise or something like that. I love the idea too, if we had been living in Germany for any longer I would have rented one myself as we live in an apartment with no yard of our own.
      SatakieliĀ“s last post ..Chasing Shadows

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