A Room of One’s Own

Today is a rainy one. We had intended on attending the Old Town Autumn Festival this morning, but as soon as our feet stepped in the doorway, the threateningly cloudy sky gave way to a downpour. Instead we snuggled on the couch under a soft blue blanket and watched Wallace and Gromit on the television, drinking tea and knitting. Or at least I was knitting, it’s going to be another scarf I think.

The weather doesn’t bode well for next week. My husband was luckily able to take the week off and we’re celebrating Mikey’s third birthday. The actual day of his birthday is Thursday, but we have a week filled with adventure planned. We can soldier on through the rain though, armed with raincoats, umbrellas and boots. Perhaps short stops to splash in puddles is exactly what we need to make this week as fun as it can be.

I still haven’t decided exactly what kind of birthday cake I will be baking, but I will be certain to share it with you when I do. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Raquel

    I can’t wait to hear about you adventures and see pictures. Wish I could be there to celebrate my grandson’s 3rd birthday.

  2. Your knitting is looking great! I finally started learning how to crochet last night. I started once before when I was much younger, and now I’m remembering why I quit…I don’t like having to look for all the little loops to insert my crochet hook through!
    osarah´s last post ..The First Real Appointment

    • I’ve been desperately trying to learn to crochet… I even tried it out with a huge hook and super bulky yarn but it is just too fiddly for me! It’s kinda like when I was learning to knit though, because i knit left handed I do it all backwards… for some reason that seems harder to do with crochet!
      Satakieli´s last post ..A little boy and a lizard

      • I completely understand. I just got through 4 rows this morning and was proud of myself until I held it up and realized that somehow, instead of a straight line, I made an “L.” Oops.
        osarah´s last post ..The First Real Appointment

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