Make your own Adventure: Collecting Rocks

You don’t need to travel far to find adventure. Between smatterings of rain, Mikey and I donned our adventuring shoes and headed out to explore. We stayed fairly close to the apartment, that way if the rain caught us unawares then we could quickly hightail it home before we got too wet. After all, adventurers have to be ready for anything!

We decided to explore the area behind our apartment, along a trail that used to belong to some train tracks. The old tracks are sadly gone, but there were plenty of things to climb over, nooks to hide in and special rocks to collect and bring home.

Our bags heavy with the previously mentioned special rocks, we felt the first little drops of rain upon our heads. Pulling our hoods up, we looked to the sky to see the naughtiest of little black clouds hovering over us. He followed us all the way home, our shoes squelching through puddles, and stayed over the apartment for the better part of the afternoon.

So what were we to do? Even the bravest of adventurers don’t much like getting their shoes wet. Instead, these adventurers decided to stay inside to examine and work on the special rocks they had brought home.

[Rocks decorated with acrylic paint then put in a previously owned glass decorative vase/candle holder]

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  2. Cute! I remember those days when Indy was little. BTW, if you guys are available, we’re having Indy’s birthday party this Sat (July 31) at 4pm. Indy said he’d love to see you and Mikey and if he can come Mikey’s Dad, who is now something of a celebrity since Indy saw him in the commercials. No presents. He’s asking for donations of dog food to be donated to the local tierheim in memory of our sweet Pepper. It’s pirate themed so put Mikey in his best pirate clothes and bring him down if you’re free. Pirate accessories provided! Let me know if you can make it.
    Mom in High Heels´s last post ..Indy is 8! Legoland is awesome!

    • We would love to come! Hubs should be able to make it, he gets back from SOYNOY on Thursday.

      We will also absolutely take some dog food over to the tierheim when we do our next commissary trip, Hubby’s office did a story on them a while back, we took Mikey and he loved to see the animals (he was however sad they had none for us to adopt).

      Now I have to dig out some pirate clothes, haha!
      Satakieli´s last post ..Make your own Adventure- Collecting Rocks

  3. I love the idea of this- it’s so crafty to make decorations with things you find. It’s also fantastic for teaching our sons to look around them for inspiration- you never know where you’ll find it!
    Melanie´s last post ..Things Are Good

    • Most of the time I feel more like he’s teaching me to look around for inspiration! We just got back from a morning walk, we spent about 20 minutes following a grasshopper along the sidewalk, lol.
      Satakieli´s last post ..Italian Wedding Soup

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