Forts and Things of that Nature

How wonderful it is to have a reminder of the weather that I love so much. Cool, crisp, bright days with a touch of rain here and there, if it weren’t for the green on the trees and summer flowers pushing up through the soggy soil, one would almost think that a much anticipated Autumn had arrived early.

Rain outside means lots of play inside, a gentle nudge to make me think that I should really consider getting next seasons wet weather clothes so that we’ll be prepared. Especially because little boys grow ever-so quickly.

Children have been building forts over beds and chairs, with help from parents, reading stories to a menagerie of stuffed animals and playing at monsters to scare one another. Running around the apartment on Friday evening, hiding behind my legs in the kitchen as I cook dinner for 6 and stopping a minute, reaching up onto the counter with chubby fingers to taste some ingredients. It seems to me that playing monsters means “I like you” in little boy language, even more-so than sharing stolen pieces of tomato and wiping of sticky fingers on one anothers shirts.

When the rain lets up on Saturday and Sunday, it’s the perfect time for bug hunting in the wet grass of course. Even if your fingers are still covered in coloured pen from earlier in the day, well that can be remedied by an extra coating of sidewalk chalk.

The husband left early Sunday morning for a week of photographing the Soldier of the Year Competition, that leaves Mikey and I with an entire weeks worth of mummy and son dates. Lots of mess-making activities and playground time, perhaps even an adventure or two! We’re making camp in the livingroom tonight.


  1. My kids have been making umbrella forts for the rain. I didn’t even know we had that many umbrellas. Sounds like a fun week. Great pics.

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  3. Love the idea of building forts and indoor camping! Very fun. My first indoor tent that I remember was a jail tent that was thrown over a card table with a stick that you put under it on top of the table to raise the roof of the tent up. It was cool. I actually have a movie of my dad and I playing in it together!
    Karen & GerardĀ“s last post ..Im A Reader- Are You Blog hop

  4. A fort seems like a wonderful idea!
    Yesterday we finally saw some hot soggy rain, but it was dark + cool in the air conditioning. It was so nice to “snuggle down”, play board games + other etceteras.
    You can’t imagine how much my 3 littles + I are looking foward to autumn!
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