DIY Media Center & The Weekend

Oh my goodness, this has been in the making for months. Our old IKEA TV stand just didn’t hack it, not enough room for all of the husband’s gaming goodies and the shelves were starting to sag a little. Plus it didn’t go with the other furniture I’d already built for the livingroom.

Our TV goes in the corner of our open plan apartment living area, I particularly wanted a corner unit for it instead of a straight unit at an angle so that I could create a little more space in there. However, we’ll be moving again in a year so it also needed to be able to come apart easily and to work in pretty much any space we may want to put it in when we get to a new house. We couldn’t find anything that we wanted and I couldn’t find plans for anything that was just right. I ended up drawing up the plans myself, based off of the bench that I built a few months ago.

The husband requested that it was taller than the stand we already had and that there would be room for him to put his gaming console upright. He blathered on about how it’s better for them to be upright or something, I forget.

Actually putting it together in an apartment was quite the challenge. Working out exactly how to do the top part, what angles to cut and how it would properly support the TV, as well as being modular and removable.

There wasn’t enough room in my spare room/workshop to have all of the pieces in there at once to be painted, so I had to keep swapping them out and storing parts of it in Mikey’s room. The final pieces had to be put together and screw in right there in the livingroom area. We plan on building upon it more when we move, putting in some extra shelving at the sides when needed and things like that. But for now it’s pretty close to perfect for what we need. Excuse the mess in the photo, it’s not properly “set up” yet, as in the husband has put his gaming stuff in it but I’ve yet to beautify it!

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We had friends over on Saturday for dinner. I didn’t cook, but was treated to a wonderful Mexican meal. The kids played together, tormented the cat that we’re watching for some other friends and generally had altogether too much fun while the adults drank beer and hung out in the kitchen. I enjoy having people over, I like relaxed social get togethers much more than rushing around trying to visit places, or rushing around in general for that matter.

The weather on Sunday was beautiful, we spent the afternoon outside grilling with some neighbours who will be leaving at the end of the month. They’ve been here in Germany the entire time we have so we’re really sad to see them go. Mikey is delighted however, as they’ve given us their fish that they wont be able to take with them and also a little wagon that he has loved to share with their girls since we’ve been here.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! What did you get up to?


  1. Matt

    You built this Bex? As in you didn’t just buy a flatpack and put it together? You cut wood and made this??

    That’s amazing!

    Glad “the husband” has his console priorities integrated šŸ˜‰

    Love and peace – the vegan x

    • Built, as in designed, bought wood, measured, cut wood, drilled holes, screwed screws etc. Yep.

      I mean, I didn’t cut the wood from the tree or anything, but y’know šŸ˜‰

      I built that coffee table you can see in the picture too šŸ™‚
      SatakieliĀ“s last post ..DIY Media Center &amp The Weekend

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  3. Wow, you rock on the tv cabinet! I had to laugh when you mentioned IKEA because my mister and I put together a whole tv cabinet from there in our first apartment…If a couple can make it through IKEA assembly, you can survive anything!
    That really will be perfect for moving and since it is real, actual wood, you can do a million things to change up the look if you needed it for another room or were changing the look of the room.
    inspired šŸ™‚

    PS, the kabobs rock… it’;s like you took the photo at our house bc we’ve been eating that nightly!
    Monked & FifedĀ“s last post ..there is nothing better than swinging by the seashore

    • That’s funny you say that about the IKEA assembly, you’re so right! The hubs and I had one of our biggest fights when Mikey was about 4 months old and we were trying to put together his IKEA crib!
      SatakieliĀ“s last post ..DIY Media Center &amp The Weekend

  4. Raquel

    You continue to amaze me with your talents! I love the entertainment center. We have tons of cedar fencing here that your welcome to when you come visit. I’ll even watch Mikey all day so you can be creative. As for Dan, he is just like his Dad when it comes to putting store bought things together. I don’t think they want to look at the instructions. Every few years when we buy a gas grill, I’m the one who has to put it together.

  5. Taylor

    That is awesome! I wish I could come up with things like that. Most likely I’d end up with a trip to the hospital and a whole bunch of unused wood. Ha! It’s really great, and those kabobs are so pretty!

  6. I think it turned out beautifully! Well worth the effort and so smart to make something you can use later. Properly staged or not, I personally think the rug and curtain seem to frame the new media center quite nicely! Well done!
    CarrieĀ“s last post ..Wedding Photos- Update in progress!

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