Spicy Sweet Potato Fries

Spicy Sweet potato fries

Look at these, I can’t resist them. I’m not a huge fan of sweet potato, perhaps because my first experience of it was in a horribly gloopy mashed sweet potato casserole thing at my first thanksgiving nearly 4 years ago. Since then, my opinion of it has changed slightly for the better, but it’s still not something I ever really think of when planning out our meals for the week.

That may have all changed. I am in love with sweet potato fries. I call them fries, but they’re more like chunky
British chips (as in fish & chips.. not potato chips). These ones weren’t even fried, so I suppose the title is just a little bit of a lie.

Before I get into all that though, I’d like to share some more photos of my vegetable garden. It’s been my first time growing vegetables, so you’ll have to excuse me if I’m a little over excited about it. It’s the first time we’ve lived anywhere long enough to grow our own veggies too, despite the fact that I had to dig out the bed in a shared yard area as we don’t have a yard of our own.

Veggie Garden

On the left in the pot is some trailing rosemary. I have to admit that I bought it as a plant, I didn’t grow it myself.

At the front are my beans, they’re starting to flower now but only one little yellow flower is open. On the far right, out of the picture are my carrots which look as though they’re nearly ready.

My spinach is gone, it used to be behind the beans in all its leafy glory and I harvested the remainder of it last Monday. After giving quite a bit of it away to friends, I still have 4 bags of spinach in the freezer!

At the back on the right are cucumber plants. About half of the plants didn’t make it when they were transferred from their indoor seed trays to the outside, but the ones we still have are doing well and have little yellow-orange flowers.

Now on to the tomatoes.

Baby Tomato

The plants are huge, they have had to be trimmed back twice and are still attempting a hostile takeover of the entire back of the bed as well as reaching out onto the steps up to the stairwell door. I’ve had dreams about harvesting giant tomatoes, having a fridge full of them and eventually drowning in them. I’m not even joking.

You’re here for the Sweet Potato Fries, not my crazy tomato-oriented dreams though right?

They make a great snack, dipped in sour cream, or you can have them as a side dish. We ate ours with rosemary garlic pork chops. I prefer them from the grill (or indoors on the stove top grill pan) as I like the charred parts as a contrast to the sweetness but you can use the same basic recipe and deep fry them or bake them in the oven instead if you like.

Spicy Sweet Potato Fries

Spicy Sweet Potato Fries
adapted from Real Simple Nov 2007 and Food Network Magazine

Heat up the grill or stove top grill pan.

Meanwhile peel and cut 3 sweet potatoes into “chips” or small wedges. In a large bowl, combine 3tbsp olive oil, 1 1/2 tsp brown sugar, 1 tsp coarse sea salt, 1/2 tsp cumin, 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Toss the sweet potato wedges in the bowl with the olive oil mixture. Season with freshly ground black pepper and toss again.

When the grill/grill pan is hot enough (the grill pan will hiss and spit when a tiny amount of water is dropped on it) put the Sweet potato on to cook. Cook for about 30 minutes or until lightly charred on the outside and soft on the inside. Make sure to turn several times while cooking. Serve with sour cream and eat immediately.

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  1. I love all things sweet potato! Especially the fries. I like to bake mine with cajun seasoning on them. Yours look so good!

    Your garden looks great, I’m jealous! I may try one next year! Hopefully, the deer won’t eat it all before we get to though.

  2. Garden is lovely.
    Those sweet potatoes look delish…and forget it when you mentioned the sour cream! We make a similar potato, but we bake them on a pizza stone in chunks. Just a bit on olive oil, salt + pepper.
    Monked & Fifed´s last post ..father’s day gifts…

    • I don’t have a pizza stone and I keep seeing/hearing about all of these awesome things you can do with one. I suppose I’m going to have to invest? Really, sounds good 🙂
      Satakieli´s last post ..Spicy Sweet Potato Fries

    • thanks! I checked out your recipe (and left a comment!)

      The veggie garden is pretty fun, I’m just thinking of all of the wonderful things I’ll be able to cook with each harvest!
      Satakieli´s last post ..Spicy Sweet Potato Fries

  3. You could call them “wedges” instead of fries and then you wouldn’t be lying.

    Go out and buy a pizza stone! They aren’t pricy and can be had for less than $30 at any home store like Bed Bath and Beyond (use a 20% off coupon and it’s even cheaper).
    M @ Betty Crapper´s last post ..Marinara Sauce

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  5. I love sweet potato fries, and I’m eager to try your version with these flavors! I’ve got a sweet potato that needs to be eaten, perhaps I’ll have that for lunch?

    Oh, that reminds me, sometimes when I’m making hash browns, I’ll use half grated regular potatoes and half grated sweet potatoes. It adds a lot of color and interest to the dish, and even my kids like it that way.
    Ann Kroeker´s last post ..Food on Fridays: Please Eat Greens

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  7. Sweet potato fries are the best! If given a choice between regular potato fries and ones made with sweet potatoes…sweet potatoes would win…hands down! I even enjoy fries made with zucchini! Yum! Your pictures are making me hungry!

  8. Yummy!!! I LOVE sweet potatoes and I really love sweet potato fries!! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Your garden looks great! I have crazy dreams about my tomatoes too 🙂

  9. I just had sweet potato fries at a restaurant. They were deeeeeeelicious!
    Not sure if we are still doing this but “Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest”!
    Emiloo´s last post ..To My Daughter

  10. Yummy! They looks seriously delicious! This reminds me of the Indonesian fried sweet potato fries but we dip them in batter of flour mixed with some stuffs – can’t remember the recipe LOL.

  11. These look DELISH! I love sweet potatoes, though I don’t eat them that often. (I do make sweet potato bread for the holidays, though.) I’m going to have to try these soon. 🙂

    Your garden looks adorable. I wish I had the space/money/energy to put in a garden.
    Catie´s last post ..Not Perfect

  12. I think I will try this recipe out after my next shop. I am quite happy with normal chips / potato wedges but my boyfriend has recently moved in and he is not quite so content. So I will try this (bookmarked)
    Jane´s last post ..Stretch Marks

  13. looks fantastic! I usually grill them in the oven too so it’s a healthier alternative, and then i dip them into yogurt which is fantastic!

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