Lemon, Thyme and Mushroom Linguine

This one is another repost from my old blogspot blog, but with updated photos. I hope you’ll forgive the repost, although it is from a long time ago, this week has been quite busy for us and although I still always make the time to cook, I don’t necessarily make anything new!

I’ve been working through my immigration paperwork, the time has come for me to lift conditions on my US Green Card. The snag being that I haven’t been in the US for almost 2 years now, so that coupled with the ever so unhelpful immigration helpline has turned this into quite the monster. If you follow me on twitter you have probably seen me venting about it just a little.

To keep myself sane during this time of neverending paperwork, I’ve been cleaning like a crazy person, building myself a bench for under the livingroom window, knitting a huge cushion, putting a spacer on the legs of my coffee table and yes, I am still in the process of sanding down our console table which so far has taken around a month. Why so long? I can only use powertools in the house when our downstairs neighbours are out because they are too loud and our floors are paper thin. They pretty much only ever leave the house on Sunday mornings, when they go to church. They did however spend all of yesterday morning out of the house, which is when I began to put together my bench. They came home just as I broke my drill bit, so that was pretty good timing. Need to go buy a new drill bit and a countersink bit so that I don’t break any more. Yeah, so get ready for some more crafty posts next week!

I also think that a certain little boy may need his own little tool kit. He has been using his crayons as screwdrivers to help mummy build things! It’s very cute.

Ready to cook? This one is a super quick and easy one!

Lemon, Thyme and Mushroom Linguine
Original Recipe from Nigella Express by Nigella Lawson, serves 4.

Roughly tear 5 Portobello mushrooms and place in a bowl with 1/3 cup olive oil, 1 minced garlic clove, juice and zest from 1 lemon and 1 teaspoon fresh thyme leaves. Put aside.

Cook 1lb linguine according to package instructions. While the pasta is cooking, lightly saute the mushroom and lemon mixture on a low heat.

When the pasta is done, drain loosely retaining a little of the cooking water. Put the pasta into the bowl, return the mushroom and lemon mixture to the bowl and toss together well. Add 1/2 cup chopped parsley, 3 Tbsp freshly grated Parmesan cheese and some freshly ground pepper before tossing again. Serve and top with more grated Parmesan if desired.

Click here to download recipe card.

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  1. Oh, that looks so good. And I have thyme growing in my garden. I will definitely try this recipe. Thanks for the recipe card; it’s so cute.

  2. Hi nice to meet you! I love it here in Heidelberg and Germany in general. We have been here a little over a year now and I already dreading leaving. I want to stay forever there are so many opportunities here and so much travel to be done. I only hope we can squeeze it all into 2 more years!! LOL

    • I know! That’s exactly how I feel about it! We only have a year left so i’m starting to panic about the rest of the places I want to see!

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  4. Oh my stars! This sounds sooooooo fast and easy for a summer meal! Thanks for a fresh and light recipe to try–I had not seen it before, so I didn’t mind the repost at all.

    Thanks for participating in Food on Fridays!
    .-= Ann Kroeker´s last blog ..Food on Fridays: Humble & Regular =-.

    • Thank you for hosting!

      It is fast and easy, one of my lazy go-to recipes that still tastes great as if I slaved over it forever, haha!

  5. Linda C.

    I made this last night and it was EXCELLENT! Thanks for the recipe. I also marinated 3 chicken breasts in olive oil, lemon, lemon zest, and various dried Italian spices to add on top.

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