You may have noticed I’ve been messing with my wordpress layout again. There’s nothing like never being satisfied with something, but there was a reason other than dissatisfaction this time. Earlier in the week my husband and I decided to launch a sort of “blog network” venture, basically he just wanted in on my self hosted wordpress and then we decided to do a blog for Mikey as well.

So I introduce to you the Bumbles & Light Family Blog Network:

Each blog is a self-coded child theme (by moi, my first time at coding a child theme) built on the Thematic framework. All have sidebar and footer links to the others, the RSS feeds are separate so you may subscribe to whichever you like (or all of them).

I hope you’re all having a great week, I promise I’ll be posting something other than admin issues real soon. I’m taking a quick break after all of this messing around.


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  2. Go you…I spent too long yesterday just trying to put up a button with a link to my blog…
    still working on it, but I’m optimistic! I really am of that generation that learned just a tidbit of computers in school {the class was called “typing”}… but I took home-ec.
    Have a lovely day, can’t wait to check out the sites!
    Monked & Fifed´s last post ..knobby

    • Thank you!

      I didn’t learn much about computers in school. I went to an all girl school, so we learned just enough to be able to make our way as secretaries!

      I wont claim to know what I’m doing with code, but if you mess with it enough you eventually get something! haha
      Satakieli´s last post ..Introducing…

  3. Taylor

    That is a really great idea! I’d be lost if I had to code anything. I’m horrible with computers, but you are doing really well.

  4. WOW girl you’ve been busy! Love the new look and the family blog network you got going here, very creative 😀 Btw, I love your footer…still trying to tweak mine around too hahaha.

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