Choo Choo Trains

Spring is finally in full force, the weather has been beautiful the past few days and the trees have their branches laden with blossom. Mikey and I have been going for walks in the evening before his bedtime, I enjoy the longer days and being able to be outside more often.

Mikey likes to go walking out the back of our apartment where there are train tracks. He loves to watch for the different trains going past, his favourite are the long red passenger trains because sometimes the passengers wave at him. He waves back and says “Hi choo choo!”

As well as the blossom on the trees, the grass outside out apartment is full of daisies. Mikey likes to get down on his knees and examine them before picking them. He points at the blossom, says “Ooooh!” in his little voice and asks to be picked up so he can touch the flowers. We’ve also been chasing birds, now that there are more of them around. He’ll spot one in the undergrowth, say “Oooh, mummy, birdy!” and then try to sneak up on them. He isn’t very good at sneaking and they always fly away, he doesn’t mind because he loves watching them fly.

It’s 8.15am as I’m writing, sitting in the open window drinking coffee, today looks as though it will be just as beautiful as the days before so we are going to walk to town. Mummy wants some more plants and flowers for the house and some things to get started planting tomatoes outside if it is not too late, I wonder if I can get seed for heirloom tomatoes anywhere nearby.

Yesterday we made granola, Mikey helped measure things with the measuring cup and ate a lot of the dried fruit before it went in. He did a good job at measuring because the granola tastes fabulous.

I also need to start looking for materials to create some portable sensory play boxes for Mikey. I have some nice wooden boxes, I just need to find something to line them, some play sand and other things. They have to be portable because we’re on the second floor and I don’t want to leave them outside in the shared playground, I also don’t particularly want him playing with sand inside the apartment because you know how that stuff gets everywhere.

Now, I have some painting to finish before the little boy wakes up. I hope you are all having a wonderful week.


  1. Raquel

    Thanks for the post. I love keeping up with you by reading them. Wish I could be near more often.

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