White Blossom

Muddy Play

Tuesday was a beautiful day. Mikey and I were indoors cleaning and playing until around 10am which is when we realised that we should be making the most of the weather by going outside for a walk. I took along some scissors because I was planning on cutting some wildflowers for the house, i didn’t find any so I cut some small branches with blossom and leaf buds instead.

We saw lots of beautiful flowers finally blooming after what has seemed like a very long winter. We played in the nice long grass and Mikey picked some grass to take along with us. We splashed in muddy puddles and got very wet and dirty. We saw some doggies, Mikey is getting less frightened of dogs and the owner let us pet them.

We wandered our way home, clambered through the door and pulled off our muddy clothes, we had jam sandwiches for lunch and then Mikey fell asleep on the couch.

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  1. Raquel

    Bex, I love the photos! Especially my little muddy grandson. Have you run into the lady in the allotments who has the 2 long haired chihuhuas we met last fall?

  2. Found you through SITS…WOW are your photographs gorgeous – put me right in the mind to go catch some spring outside…just lovely.

  3. Oh I so love the mudd! Looks like the perfect morning!
    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  4. Aww what lovely photos! I always tell my children I can tell how much fun they’ve had by how dirty their clothes are! Way to enjoy your day with Mikey!

    Stoppying by from SITS saturday sharefest.
    .-= zeemaid´s last blog ..The Power is Out =-.

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