Coffee Table After ii

Coffee Table Transformation

Monday afternoon was fairly relaxing, I managed to sit down while Mikey took a nap, drink some tea and start a new knitting project. After working hard on projects all weekend and then spending Monday morning cleaning up the resulting disaster that was my house it was very nice to be able to relax.

Over the weekend I did a transformation on an old second hand coffee table.

It was given to us when we were first married and in fairly typical newlywed style had absolutely no furniture. I tell a lie, we had a card table and a futon. Anyway, it was given to us by a friend of a friend also in the military who was clearing out their house getting ready to move. Our friends back at Ft Hood will remember it sitting in the livingroom of our first two houses, generally covered in empty coffee mugs and other such things. When we moved to Germany we got a new coffee table from IKEA (which has since fallen apart, but that’s another story and another building project) and so our ugly red coffee table was banished first to Mikey’s room and then to the spare room where it has sat for a year or so.

Finally this weekend I decided to make something of it. I took the whole thing apart and sanded it down to take off the red stain. I borrow a circular saw from a friend and cut it into pieces. I used a drill, screws and some glue to fit the pieces back to how I wanted them and stained the wood green. I rubbed at the green stain with a rag to let the wood show through in places and then covered the green stain with a very thin layer of dark wood stain. I rubbed that in with a rag, then sanded down the edges and corners to give it a worn look.

It is no longer a coffee table, but a bench and now takes pride of place in the stairwell outside our apartment door. It’s still waiting for some more decorative items to be put on it. I’m working on a flat paper sculpture that will rest on it somewhat like a picture frame, the paper is actually drying right now and then needs to be painted.

I definitely prefer this to the red!

Using the circular saw was scary, it was a little too heavy for me and I don;t think I’ll use one on my own again. It was also total overkill but it was the only saw, aside from a hand saw, that we could get at such short notice. I’m thinking about buying a jigsaw instead to use for other wood projects.


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