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After packing up on Saturday afternoon, we ate our last Chicago deep dish pizza and slept on air mattresses in an empty apartment. Early on Sunday morning I walked a street over to get coffee and then we loaded the cats and the remainder of our belongings into a rental car. We swept the floor in our old apartment and started the long drive from Chicago to Atlanta.

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Early Birthday


In the midst of all of this sorting and packing, we decided to celebrate Mikey’s birthday a week early. We had originally intended to be travelling down to Georgia on the actual day of his birthday, but that has since been moved up to the weekend before. Still, we will be in the new house on his real birthday and we thought it might be better to celebrate an early birthday with family and friends before we left.

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September has been a month of upheaval, and October promises to bring much of the same.

I celebrated my 30th birthday at the start of the month, that’s one of the big ones! I certainly don’t feel any older though. I spent a wonderful day at home with Mikey and my husband.

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Glorious Horror

I love horror, both reading horror novels and watching horror films. I normally lean more towards the classic Gothic Horrors, I have re-read Dracula and Frankenstein more than any other books in my library, but I do sometimes like to try something a little more modern. It depends on my mood and the weather, there’s really nothing better than a good classic horror during the autumn and winter months, but sometimes I like to use the relative gloom of these books or films to hide away from those too-hot summer days.

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