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Writer’s Workshop


This little boy had never particularly enjoyed colouring or drawing.

He’s still not a fan of colouring books, in fact he is never really quite sure what to do with them. He’ll scribble on them a little, make a half-hearted attempt at filling in the designated colour areas and then push the entire thing aside. Drawing is another matter though. He’s started creating line diagrams of the things that he loves. The drawings themselves are usually minimally rendered, but meticulously labelled.

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Cancel the Week


The week has been dragging on, I’d like to cancel it please.

I’ve been doing lots of school-related research for Mikey, trying to work out what options are available to us and the best way to forge ahead. Every day asking him how he is feeling and what he has been doing in class, trying to gauge exactly how and why he is struggling. I’ve been waiting three days for someone at his school to return my call and answer my request for a meeting, I’m calling again.

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