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Reading and Making



I’ve been doing quite well at sticking with my decision to try and read more this year. My to-read shelf has somehow become shelves and instead of reading literature I have got into the habit of pottering around on my phone reading articles and snippets. Reading stuff online is something that I enjoy as well but it is getting in the way of something that I enjoy more just because it is easier to grab my phone and read something for ten minutes than it is to pick up a book.

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Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

It snowed again earlier this week and my shoulders ache from shoveling snow from the sidewalk. The freeze-thaw cycle and the pressure of many different boot-clad feet stepping over the top have caused the bottom layer of snow to compact and turn to ice. As I slip on my leaky old rain boots to quickly run outside into the alley to take out the rubbish, I’m thankful for the snow boots my husband gave me for Christmas to wear on my longer journeys. The walk to school in the morning, walking the dogs that I’m paid to walk, and the trips to buy groceries (one of the unfortunate things of being car-free in a Chicago winter) are made significantly easier with warm waterproof boots.

Of course, the promise of delicious caramel hot chocolate when I return home also seems to make the trips out into the snow and cold much less troublesome.