The Solstice, the darkest day of the year, has been and gone. I spent the day nursing a cold, but drinking honey & thyme tea and reading books by lamplight seemed like an appropriate way to spend the day anyhow. Now the days slowly lengthen as if time has begun anew, we prepare ourselves to celebrate Christmas and the coming new year.

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Christmas Decoration


Mikey’s dreaded cough has returned with a vengeance. He’s been so much better since he got his asthma diagnosis and medication, but still sometimes something will set him off and we have to ride it out. He caught a cold on Thanksgiving, which went to his chest and gave him a lingering cough. Sadly it seems that this has started a cycle where we think he’ll be recovering, and then he’ll catch another cold. And so on.

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Naughty Cats at Christmas


It’s Max’s first Christmas! We’d been worried that he might decide to try and climb the tree, as he has a habit of getting himself into trouble. So far, both he and Meridian have decided that they rather like just sitting on the tree skirt beneath the tree (and occasionally wrestling, or batting at low hanging ornaments).

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Lakeside Walks

My husband was away over the weekend, attending the Playstation Experience Expo in San Francisco for work. Mikey hasn’t been feeling well since Thanksgiving, he caught a mild cold that week and as is usual with his asthma it went straight to his chest and the cough just hasn’t shifted. We had some fun things planned for the weekend and I hoped that some play at the lake, in the fresh air, would be fun and would ease his cough a little.

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