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Not Tulips

Black and White Spring Flowers [Bumbles and Light]

This is the picture I didn’t take of the tulips that I forgot to buy.

I had every intention of bringing home a bunch of white tulips whilst at the market on Wednesday this week, but in the rush of grocery pondering and buying I just plain forgot. Tulips are one of my favourite flowers and I enjoy having them clustered in a glass vase on my dining room table: to photograph, to draw, to look at.

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Night Animals

Mikey’s shirttrousers and rain boots were sent c/o George at ASDA. All opinions are my own.


After our trip to the zoo last week Mikey has been doing some research on the Slow Loris. The Slow Loris was one of his favourite animals he saw at the zoo and he was particularly interested in their huge (and very cute) eyes. This research meandered around, as that sort of thing so often does, and brought us to the more general topic of nocturnal animals.

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Mikey’s shirtjeans and jacket were sent c/o George at ASDA. All opinions are my own.


On Monday of last week Mikey, a friend, and I took the El Train south to visit the zoo. It was cloudy, but the temperatures had risen enough for it to be “jacket weather” as opposed to coat weather. We were thankful to be able to leave our thick Chicago winter coats at home and Mikey got to wear his lovely new fleece-lined hoodie from George at ASDA.

We wandered around the zoo, stopping here and there to check out the flamingos, sea lions, tigers, and making sure to stop at Mikey’s favourite animals: the meercats.


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Rachael Ray Nutrish


Meridian has been a member of our little family since June of last year, we were so happy to be able to get a cat when we moved into a larger apartment. In the time since she first came home with us from the shelter she has fit in perfectly, playing in the living room with her toys, napping in spots of sunshine, getting up to mischief, and even becoming best friends with Mikey. Even though a year is perhaps just a short time in the scheme of things, we can no longer imagine life without her around.

Because she is a part of our family, we of course want to take care of her in the same way that we would take care of any other family member. This includes making sure she gets enough exercise by playing with her regularly, and also feeding her as well as we choose to feed ourselves: with healthy, natural food.

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