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The Nights Draw In

Things have continued to be quite hectic. I must admit that I much prefer the slowness of our usual day-to-day, but I know that it will all even out soon enough. The leaves started a dry rustle in the breeze not long ago and one evenings strong wind brought a lot of them down, marking the move from summer into autumn. The sun is low in the sky and the nights are beginning to draw in.

With the autumn brought family visiting last week on furlough from Burundi. After they were picked up from the airport we hosted them for dinner, Mikey was thrilled to play with the cousin he hasn’t seen for two years and to finally meet his newest cousin for the very first time. Hopefully there will be plenty of chances for them to play together before they are scheduled to return.

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New Days

Each morning is a delicate ritual of bleary eyes, coffee, pen & paper, breakfast requests, and a playful cat swatting at the hanging open tie from my bathrobe. Sometimes the ritual doesn’t play out correctly, the morning ends up rushed or just unbalanced. Mikey going… Read more


10601881_694208903992697_630594136_nStarting is freeing, amazing and wonderful. Starting is overwhelming and scary.

The rain was falling heavily outside, hitting the windows and darkening the sky. I turned on the overhead light in the middle of the day so that I could see to work. The apartment was quiet, Mikey in his room reading and my husband out at a meeting. All I could hear was the sound of the rain and music from my computer speakers nearby.

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