A few weeks ago the threat of frost was officially over. The sun was shining, and has been shining almost every day since. I planted some vegetables outside, in pots because our soil is not so great here. We have tomatoes, bell pepper, jalapenos, eggplant. We have thyme, parsley, and basil.

In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.

– Margaret Atwood

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This Place


I’ve been finding it more and more difficult to write here. I’m not sure if it is just because I have other things to do, or if the whole idea of having a blog has run its course, or if it’s something else entirely.

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Spring Break


We didn’t go away for Spring Break, instead choosing to spend the time getting to know the lake and the woods near our home a little better. Mikey’s vovó came to visit for the week from Chicago and then after she had gone home, during our last few days of Spring Break, we walked to the lake to look for shells, rocks, and whatever other interesting things we might find.

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At Night


Peek through the door to Mikey’s room after 8pm and this what you’ll see. Meridian curls up next to him between 8pm and midnight. Sometimes she’ll come and settle in while we’re reading a bedtime story, other times she waits until I leave and heads straight for his bed.

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Less Strong


The move out of the city has meant that I no longer really walk anywhere. My 5 miles per day average has slipped down to less than a mile. I work from home, so most days I am simply sitting in front of a computer. I can feel it in my body, I am slower and less strong, my back aches.

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