Glorious Horror

I love horror, both reading horror novels and watching horror films. I normally lean more towards the classic Gothic Horrors, I have re-read Dracula and Frankenstein more than any other books in my library, but I do sometimes like to try something a little more modern. It depends on my mood and the weather, there’s really nothing better than a good classic horror during the autumn and winter months, but sometimes I like to use the relative gloom of these books or films to hide away from those too-hot summer days.

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Will We Ever Sleep Again?



This little boy kitten, although very cute, has been keeping us awake at night.

He’s so much smaller than Meridian, but he makes up for that by being much louder than her. And then when the both of them decide to wrestle on our bed at 2am… well we haven’t been able to get so much sleep lately.

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The Quiet


Goodness, sometimes it’s difficult to find a moment to just sit and be quiet.

Between working, housework, homeschool, and herding cats, there hasn’t been so much time for any of that. I’ve noticed, though, now that I’m working more, that I’m spending my down-time differently. Less messing-around-on-the-internet and more purposeful, constructive time. Although less of it, over all.

The downside is that this blog post has been sat, unfinished, for the better part of a week.

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Hello, Kitten


Over the weekend we went back to the same shelter that we brought Meridian home from a year ago. This time we left with a boy kitten, a crazy ball of fluff that only has two modes: naughty or asleep.

His name is Max, he is very cuddly and his purr is like a jet engine.

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